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Ëngjëllushe Sanxhaku Varfi

ISBN 978-9928-241-21-4

Prize 1000 Lekë / 8 €

A novel from the writer Ëngjëllushe Sanxhaku Varfi

BONSAI – with stories

Gjergj Vlashi

ISBN 978-9928-189-44-8

Prize 500 Lekë / 4 €

100 short stories from Gjergj Vlashi


Luljeta Dano

ISBN 978-9928-438-14-0

Prize 700 Lekë / 6 €

Novel from the writer Luljeta Dano


Haxhi Rama

ISBN 978-9928-357-27-4

Prize 800 Lekë / 7 €

The latest book by the well known director Haxhi Rama contains short stories with colleagues and friends during his work over the years.


Robert Martiko

ISBN 9789928357205

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

The novel “Eternity without time” contains the deep secret of the change of human society, reveals the way to save man from horror, civil war, apocalyptic chaos, with millions of victims around the world.


Doranin Agalliu

ISBN 978-9928-438-13-3

Prize 600 Lekë / 5 €

A autobiographical novel from Doranin Agalliu


Ervina Toptani

ISBN 978-9928-357-83-0

Price 1000 Lekë / 9 €

The writer says that this book is a hymn dedicated to humanity, to the most beautiful of it, which we often overlook or take for granted. Living is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, sometimes we forget this and we are satisfied with existence.


Nikolla Spathari


Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

In “Literary Work 1” we can read the book “The vast highland as I knew it” which summaries these chapters: Epilogue, Symbol name, The highland towards its centuries-old identity, The vast highland, a region with ancient organisation, Bajraktari of the highland  is not the beu of the haciendaA land that testifies prehistory, The history of the Highlands at its peak, The place of two epics, The centuries-old hymn of the highlanders, The Great Highlands – a pagan “belonging” in the religious vineyard, The widest space in the concept of incest, “Legal” norms of blood feud, reminiscence with holy books, Epilogue.


Nikolla Spathari

ISBN 978-9928-317-71-1

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

In “Literary Work 10” there is a book with humorous stories “Adventure in Paradise”. It contains the following stories: Adventure in Paradise, “The Lady with a puppy”, Read “And Quiet Flows the Don”, For a song, Sleep with sugar, Schedule file, Hospitality, Lazarus must complain, Night guests in the library, When you do not have a glass of brandy, Decision, The priest and Prenga, Painters at home, Where is my door, Hey, I’m dead, The man who fixes by overturning, The interesting theft, A preacher is wanted, Cabinet chief, Andrea from Shijak, The events of policeman Jakin. In this work there are 22 stories


Nikolla Spathari


Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

“Literary Work 2”, contains the books “In song is also history” and “Father Benedikt Dema”. The book “In song is also history” contains the following chapters: Shkodra civic song, Song of majekrahit, Fishta and his song, The sens of humor in Shkodra. While in the book “Father Bendikt Dema”, the life of this scientist and writer is unfolded in seventeen chapters.


Nikolla Spathari

ISBN 978-9928-280-29-9

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

In “Literary Work 3” is included: “Great Highlands-land of an ancient ethnoculture, which summarises the following ethnographic studies: Highlands and the Kanun, Mountain Assemblies, Military organisation of the mountains, Handing over weapons on the doorstep of the Tower, Habertar rifles, Brotherhood with blood exchange, Logu of the Highlands, Fountain evenings, Mrizet, Inns, Marriage in Highlands, The earliest beauty contests, Bitter burial ceremony.


Nikolla Spathari

ISBN 978-9928-280-72-5

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

“Literary Work 4” includes two books of poetry:  “Beyond the Rain” and “Temporarily Beautiful”. “Beyond the Rain” has fifty poems. Among others: Migjeni is wanted, I lost a friend, Beyond the rain, Mother’s wait, In my hometown, Late autumn, I love this wind, Meditation on our books, Mobile phone, Shkodra, etc. The book “Temporarily Beautiful” summaries sixty-nine poems. Among them: Reflection, Stop the storm, Death of the poet, Decision taken in the rain, If it comes, Autumn announcement, The murder of the bird, The end of autumn, etc… In total, “Literary Work 4” contains 119 poems.


Nikolla Spathari

ISBN 978-9928-280-76-3

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

In “Literary Work 5”, are included the poetic volumes “Son of the sun” and ” Let postpone the breakfast”. The volume “Son of the Sun” contains thirty-eight poems. Some of them are: Beautiful as a Desdemona, My Autumn, Before the Portrait of Dante, Son of the Sun, Mississippi, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Brooklyn Bridge, A May Saturday, The Reception of My City,  Rain in the Arbër Plains , In Jerusalem etc… “To postpone breakfast” has eighty-five poems, among which: Prometheus and the fire, Old memories, Night in Shkodra, Curse, Poetry has remained there, Kosovar painter, Gypsy, We have no friends, Beauty from Izmir, etc…


Nikolla Spathari

ISBN 978-9928-317-15-5

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

 “Literary Work 6” contains the poetic volume “I can not leave from this autumn”. It has a total of 89 poems. Some of the poems are: From What Must Be Said, Illusion, Doubt, Sovereign Life, The Girl Named Happiness, The Last Pain, The Death of the Mother, How Much Snow, Loneliness, How I Knew You, Contemporary, Lost at dusk, My village, Mother Teresa, Longing for my city, Rebellion, Stewardess, People did not accept me, etc.


Nikolla Spathari

ISBN 978-9928-317-16-2

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

“Literary Work 7” has been published in two languages, Albanian and Greek. Contains the volume with selected poems entitled “Homer will remain forever”. In this work there are 60 translated poems, where we can mention: Abandonment, Your song, Evening message, The city and her, In my memory, They say it is a song, You were farther away, Give me back those evenings, I greet you, The ship of the evening, The magic of a song, Breakfast, How much snow, I feel something is missing etc.


Nikolla Spathari

ISBN 978-9928-317-17-9

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

“Literary Work 8” contains four satirical poems by Gjergj Fishta in the original and adapted by the author, accompanied by a long article on the activity of the great poet. The poems are: “Nakdomenicipedia”, “Metamorphosis”, “Jus gentium” and “The Devil’s Trick”. Nakdomenicipedia is dedicated to Dom Ndoc Nikaj, the first Albanian novelist and historian. Addressing him, Fishta satirises the problems of the time. Metamorphosis is the poem around which slanders against the poet are woven. Fishta is the founder of Albanian satirical poetry.