Jozef Publications is a publishing house established in Durrës in 2012. From this year until today it has brought to Albanian readers a large number of publications, from the French classic authors such as Moliere, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Racine, Corneille, Rostand and others, (masterfully translated by the great connoisseur of the French language, Prokop Gjergo) to the later ones, local and foreign. Historical and scientific monographs also occupy an important place in the fund of our publications. Among the authors who regularly collaborate with Jozef Publications are the well-known scholar Paolo Muner, the poet Jozef Radi (under whose care the complete work of Lazër Radi was published), the historians and archaeologists Hava and Sali Hidri, the historian Romeo Gurakuqi, the professors Angjelin Shtjefni, Valentina Shehu, Agim Shehu, Pirro Prifti, Gjergji Shqau, Robert Kosova, Indrit Bimi, and many others, writers Nikolla Spathari, Rifat Hoxha, Enton Bido, Engjëllushe Sanxhaku, poet Edmond Agolli, poetess Etleva Kupsi (under the care of which we have promoted many young authors), as well as many other writers and researchers from Durrës, Tirana, Shkodra, Elbasan, Kavaja etc.

Jozef Publications is a regular participant in book fairs organized in Albanian territories, where we can mention the Book Fair of Tirana, Prishtina, etc. One of the advantages of Jozef Publishing House is the ability to meet all the requirements of the authors, starting from the quality of the publication and ending with a very important request of theirs, that of the number of copies published. Thanks to the machines it owns (since Jozef Publishing also has its own printing house), it makes possible a maximum quality of publications, both through digital printers and offset machines. Both of these technologies enable publishers to choose the most suitable, ranging from a limited number of copies (via digital printer printing) to large quantities (with offset machines). The publishing process is followed at every stage from the processing of the brought material, editing, layout and design of the cover, to the final printing of the book.

We also pay attention to the distribution of the book, through cooperation with the most prestigious distribution companies and bookstores in our country, such as: Adrion, Albania, ASHTL Dita, Nettrade Albania, Artini in Kosovo etc.

Among the most requested titles, published by Joseph Publications, we can mention:

– Prokop Gjergos translation necklace (including works of French classics Molier, Racine, Corneille, Boileau, Hugo, Voltaire, Rostand).

– The titles: “Pyrrhus”, “Alexander the Great” and “Cleopatra”, from the cycle “People who made history” by the American author Jacob Abbot.

-The complete work of the Trieste scholar Paolo Muner, also in a bilingual version (Albanian-Italian):  ”Albania Hope – The Albanian of Trieste”, ”Not Just NATIONAL ANTHEM”, ”A history from Shkodra”, The Captain of the Port of Bar”.

– “Etymological dictionary of the Albanian language” – by Kolec Topalli.

– “Albania and the liberated lands” – by Romeo Gurakuqi.

– “History of Durrës” – by Hava and Sali Hidri.

– “Diseases, symptoms and their treatment” – in three volumes – by Agim Shehu.

– “Two vagabonds in Albania” – by Jan & Cora Gordon.

– “Iron Minister”  – Mirash Ivanaj” by Lazër Radi.

– “Life and customs of Albanians” – by Mark Milan (translated by Lazër Radi).

– “Lessons of dreams and souls” – by Froid & Jung – (translated by Lazër Radi),

– The complete work of Plato – (translated by Lazër Radi).

– ” Life of a man” – the complete work of Giuseppe Ungaretti (translated by Joseph Radi).

– “Beautiful is the youth” – by Herman Hesse – (translated by Enton Bido).

– Poems by Maram Al Masri.- “Dissident poets” – collected and translated by Maksim Rakipaj.

– “Kismet – the fairy-tale fate of Muhammad Ali, the Albanian who founded modern Egypt” – by N.Yousry.

– Children’s books: “The dream blower” (B.Villiot), “The Jungle Book” (V. Ovaldè), “Catherine Sertitydë” (P. Modiano).

– “Book of Junior Olympics 1” – by Robert Kosova.

This page presents our publications, where you can find more information.




Robert Martiko

ISBN 9789928357205

Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

The novel “Eternity without time” contains the deep secret of the change of human society, reveals the way to save man from horror, civil war, apocalyptic chaos, with millions of victims around the world.


Nikolla Spathari


Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

“Literary Work 2”, contains the books “In song is also history” and “Father Benedikt Dema”. The book “In song is also history” contains the following chapters: Shkodra civic song, Song of majekrahit, Fishta and his song, The sens of humor in Shkodra. While in the book “Father Bendikt Dema”, the life of this scientist and writer is unfolded in seventeen chapters.


Nikolla Spathari


Price 1200 Lekë / 10 €

In “Literary Work 1” we can read the book “The vast highland as I knew it” which summaries these chapters: Epilogue, Symbol name, The highland towards its centuries-old identity, The vast highland, a region with ancient organisation, Bajraktari of the highland  is not the beu of the haciendaA land that testifies prehistory, The history of the Highlands at its peak, The place of two epics, The centuries-old hymn of the highlanders, The Great Highlands – a pagan “belonging” in the religious vineyard, The widest space in the concept of incest, “Legal” norms of blood feud, reminiscence with holy books, Epilogue.


Fabian Saraçi

ISBN 978-9928-357-13-7

Pages 254

Prize 800 Lekë / 7 €

Textbook for vocational high schools  – Class X



Sabina Seferi

ISBN 978-9928-317-85-8

Prize 1300 Lekë / 11 €

Pages 216

The events of this novel take place in the islands of the Maltese archipelago otherwise known as the islands of the goddesses.


Charles Bukowski

ISBN 978 – 9928 – 357 – 04 – 5

Prize 800 Lekë / 7 €

Adapted by Jozef Radi

A book with 55 poems by Charles Bukowski known as one of the founders of “Underground” in artistic writing.



Doriian Hatibi

ISBN 978-9928–317 – 97 -1

Prize 1800 Lekë / 15 €

The history of Durrës is brought for the readers in this new publication by Dorian Hatibi. The book gives the historic events in details from prehistory to 1912.





Manning Johnson

ISBN 978 – 9928 – 357 – 03-8

Prize 700 Lekë / 6 €

Manning Johnson’s story begins like that of many other black people, raised in a religious spirit… Manning Johnson, quite capable and educated, felt despised because of his race and skin colour and fell prey to communist propaganda. The Communists relied on him, unaware that the man selected to fight for their cause had some dangerous qualities to them.


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