Jozef Publications is a publishing house established in Durrës in 2012. From this year until today it has brought to Albanian readers a large number of publications, from the French classic authors such as Moliere, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Racine, Corneille, Rostand and others, (masterfully translated by the great connoisseur of the French language, Prokop Gjergo) to the later ones, local and foreign. Historical and scientific monographs, children’s books, also occupy an important place in the fund of our publications.

Among the most requested titles, published by Joseph Publications, we can mention:

– Prokop Gjergos translation necklace (including works of French classics Molier, Racine, Corneille, Boileau, Hugo, Voltaire, Rostand).

– The titles: “Pyrrhus”, “Alexander the Great” and “Cleopatra”, from the cycle “People who made history” by the American author Jacob Abbot.

-The complete work of the Trieste scholar Paolo Muner, also in a bilingual version (Albanian-Italian):  ”Albania Hope – The Albanian of Trieste”, ”Not Just NATIONAL ANTHEM”, ”A history from Shkodra”, The Captain of the Port of Bar”.

– “Etymological dictionary of the Albanian language” – by Kolec Topalli.

– “Albania and the liberated lands” – by Romeo Gurakuqi.

– “History of Durrës” – by Hava and Sali Hidri.

– “Diseases, symptoms and their treatment” – in three volumes – by Agim Shehu.

– “Two vagabonds in Albania” – by Jan & Cora Gordon.

– “Iron Minister”  – Mirash Ivanaj” by Lazër Radi.

– “Life and customs of Albanians” – by Mark Milan (translated by Lazër Radi).

– “Lessons of dreams and souls” – by Froid & Jung – (translated by Lazër Radi),

– The complete work of Plato – (translated by Lazër Radi).

– ” Life of a man” – the complete work of Giuseppe Ungaretti (translated by Joseph Radi).

– Poems by Maram Al Masri.- “Dissident poets” – collected and translated by Maksim Rakipaj.

– “Kismet – the fairy-tale fate of Muhammad Ali, the Albanian who founded modern Egypt” – by N.Yousry.

– “100 Poems by Pablo Neruda” (The Winner of the “Nobel” Prize in Literature in 1971)

– “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

– Children’s books: “The dream blower” (B.Villiot), “The Jungle Book” (V. Ovaldè), “Catherine Sertitydë” (P. Modiano), “Snow Sister”, “Viola and the Guardian of the Sun” (Maja Lunde)

– “Book of Junior Olympics 1” – by Robert Kosova.

This page presents our publications, where you can find more information.




Ilir Paja

ISBN 978-9928-811-24-0

Price 1000 Lekë / 10 €

212 pages

A novel where the story moves with the rhythm of a poem, to highlight some great truths of life and society.
Bashkim HOXHA
Writer and playwright

With this novel, Ilir Paja neatly appears as an archaeologist of everyday life, poetically investigating two seas, the aquatic and the human.
Virion GRAÇI
Writer and researcher

Drugs and man from a scientific-spiritual perspective

Orlando Donfrancesco

ISBN 978-9928-811-06-6

Price 1200 Lekë / 12 €

214 pages

Narcotics have accompanied man throughout his history as a fundamental element as well as an obstacle in his development. Then how should we judge them from a scientific-social point of view, beyond the known chemical-physical mechanisms? What is their sensory action in humans? And at the same time, what is their esoteric role in our history of development?


Flurans Ilia

ISBN 978-9928-811-25-7

Price 900 Lekë / 9 €

Flurans Ilia belongs to that increasingly small group of writers who believe with all their heart that literature can change human destiny, or make  everyday more human. After an unusual experience of cognitive journeys across the globe and in its main languages, Ilia deeply recognises the fragmented and disintegrating nature of post modernity and aims at the harmonious conception of the universe in the reader’s consciousness precisely through the fragmentation of the artistic subject. The heel of memory thus becomes a wound, but the only wound from which air can be breathed.
Ardian-Christian Kyçyku

 Investigation in red

Arthur Conan Doyle

ISBN 978-9928-811-32-5

124 pages

Price 1200 Lekë / 12 €

This is the book with the adventures of the most famous detective in the world accompanied by illustrations

illustrations by Vincent Malliè


Jozef Radi

ISBN 978-9928-811-30-1

Price 1600 Lekë / €16

584 Pages

Ernest Koliqi, even in the difficult days of exile, has not stopped either his interest or his fruitful activity for the affairs of the Albanian emigration, the diaspora and the Albanians who lived under the Serb-Slavic occupation. He followed the development of the school and the Albanian culture in those regions with care and constant interest and advised that “that great work, started so successfully, not only should not be interrupted, but should be increased and flourish more and more, because “…only a cultured people has the right to demand their rights and impose them on others”.
Dr. Lazar Radi

The publication of the contemporary “Shêjzat” aims to fulfil an intellectual duty towards the motherland, at a time when in the quadrant of history the hooks are marking a moment of life-threatening danger. The Albanian world is going through the darkest and most frightening period of their existence. By the Albanian world, we mean the entire nation that speaks Albanian and nurtures the will to be united freely in a fraternal coexistence based on the equality of the people and the spiritual inheritance of our great grandfathers and the tribal features that distinguish us from other nations.
Ernest Koliqi – the first issue of “Shêjzat”


Alex Perry

ISBN 978-9928-811-27-1

Price 1200 Lekë / 12 €

Pages 388

Translated from the original: Aristidh Shqevi

‘Extraordinary stories. . . where events flow quickly’
Times Literary Supplement

An incredibly impressive work of investigative journalism. A very important and compelling look at the Italian mafia. An excellent book with life-changing power
‘ Booklist ‘

A fascinating description and a heart-wrenching narrative
Observer ‘

Washington Post



Teuta Dhima

ISBN 978-9928-811-08-0

92 Pages

Price 800 Lekë / 8 €

The poetic collection “Why is thinking a sunflower”, by the author Teuta Dhima, which follows the book “I PRAY THE EARTH“, comes to the reader as an artistic surprise. The word, the verse, the literary matter of her poems, conveys the chaste relationship with the surrounding world, which is conveyed with laconic tones and simple thought.


Eduard Shehi

ISBN 978-9928-811-04-2

Price 1200 Lekë / 12 €

264 Pages 

After the first edition in the Albanian language in 2021, this edition by Eduard Shehi is now available in English.



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