Maja Lunde

ISBN 978-9928-317-50-6

Prize 1000 Lekë / 8 €

Christmas is coming which coincides with Christian’s birthday. Usually this is the most beautiful day of the year, when the Christmas tree is decorated and the candles are lit, the air is filled with the aroma of oranges and gingerbread and the fire dances in the hearth. But this year nothing is the same. Christian and his family are saddened by the loss of their big sister Juna, and he thinks they will not be celebrating Christmas this year. But one day Christian meets the happy Hedwig. She reminds him of how beautiful Christmas can be and he begins to believe that there can be Christmas for his family anyway. But there is something mysterious about the house where Hedwig lives. Who is the strange old man who keeps appearing? And what does Hedwig hide in herself?

This book is accompanied with illustrations by Lisa Aisato