KAD l.t.d is one of the largest and most experienced shipping and forwarding agency in Albania. It was founded in 1998 by experts that have been working in this field for many years, and now its staff consists of 15 people including transport economist, engineers and a navigator officer. We possess a very rich “curriculum” in the shipping representation.
From 1999 we have been collaborating with the well known greek shipping company “Ilion Lines” S.a. and on the basis of representation agreement with this company, we provide it service as shipping agent at the port of Durres and also its representation in the territory of the Republic of Albania. On the basis of a regular graphic navigation, we operate in the shipping line Durrës – Trieste, for more then 10 years, while from 2006 we operate in the shipping line of Durrës – Bari, too.



To meet the demands of our customers by providing a professional service and availability at any time.



We constantly look for new opportunities to grow up together every day with your confidence.



Correctness, professionalism, organization and quick service are some of the values that differentiate us.

The vessels of “Ilion Lines” company have improved over time: first the vessels “Grecia” dhe “Venezia” , and today the vessel “Arbëria” offers the passengers a very comfortable and secure journey. While the shipping line with Ro-Ro vessels, Durrës – Trieste – Koper, is covered by vessels “Pella”, “Ravenna” and now “Filippos”. For a two years period (2007-2009) we represented the vessel “Azzurra” of ASC Maltë in the shippingline Durrës – Bari, too.
The “curriculum” of KAD shipping agency includes a considerable number of other ships, to which is offered the service of the shipping agency. Here we can mention teh service for cruiser vessels “Delphin” of MTC Hamburg, “Deutschland” of “Peter Deilmann Reederei”, “Dalmacija” of “Adriatic  Cruises” Ltd, “Adriana III” of Marina Cruises CPY. We also have in the “curriculum”, the representation of the vessels Ro-Ro “Aegean Star” of ANEK Lines, and also, “Ziya Onis” e “Cenk Y” of Cenk Shipping etc.

Starting from 10th of February 2009 KAD Shipping agency is certified by the International Management System ISO 9001:2008. At the same time it is the winner of the “Golden Quality Crown” award in London, 2009.